Experience the beautiful wine lands of Greece!

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"...a sip of greek culture, hospitality and elegance, paired with the flavours of an enchanting past and intriguing present..."

In every corner of the Greek land there is a vineyard. And beneath each vineyard there is a rich culture lying, deeply rooted in the glorious ancient Greek era.

GW focuses on this unique and inspiring combination and offers creatively designed, guided tours that provide:

  • an exceptional insight to the historical past of the winelands of Greece as well as their natural environment and rich cultural heritage and
  • a unique experience on the regional products that these fertile places so generously offer.

Either you are an individual traveling alone, or with your friends and family, or you are a company seeking to offer your guests, partners or employees a delightful experience in the winelands of Greece, book one of our trips or contact our team and we will be happy to tailor a trip that suits your taste and meets your needs.

Choose GW and become a part of a hospitable team that eagers to explore and spread the culture and history of the Greek grape-giving lands in an elegant and sophisticated way.


  • Get to know with the origins of Greek wine.
  • Let us plan your trip with the outmost care.
  • Taste the Greek wines and share your opinion.
  • explore the GW online culture shop
    Experience Greece through its unique products.


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