GW is a company offering wine and gastronomy experiences in the winelands of Greece.

GW is a high quality online destination with a focus to Greek Wine in a multidimensional way; being an integral element of Greek civilisation and a strong symbol of hospitality and warmth, we use it as a refference point and an insparation so as to offer genuine services and innovative products to all those seeking to experience the rich culture lying beneath the Greek vineyards in a deeper and more essential way, strongly related to everything unique that the historical winelands of Greece generously offer.

GW is about a wine trip, a route on aesthetics, the natural environment, history, culture and wine knowledge of a place, where wine tasting is the culmination, the end of this path.

GW's vision is to comprise:

  • a high aesthetics wine experiences provider focused on showcasing the Greek wineland regions from an educational as well as recreational point of view
  • a point of reference offering innovative wine themed events and products of outmost care, always bringing out an artistic and cultural touch while paying attention to every tiny detail
  • an online place for Greek wine professionals to present and expose their products to a worldwide community of wine afficionados who are able to review on them and provide useful information to fellow consumers
  • a live forum where wine experts directly meet with a worlwide public, share their valuable knowledge and advise on various issues that may be of the public's interest.

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